Water Damage Leads to Mold

Pipe thaw leads to water damage

Call the Insurance agent, call the contractor, call Mr. Duct Cleaner

The hidden danger of mold.  Mold likes humidity and warmth and darkness.  The great freeze caused a lot of water damage to homes and businesses in Texas.  If the water is not cleaned up and dried out immediately, there is a good chance mold will begin to grow.  You most likely cannot see all the places that the water has affected. The wetter the surface is and the warmer it gets the more chance there is of mold damage to your home or business.

Your insurance company will most likely pay for the remediation, mitigation, and remodel. If you suspect mold, be sure to have the area tested.  Did you know you should also have your HVAC system and ducts cleaned after the remodel? Your insurance company will most likely pay for this crucial step in the cleanup process.  YES, the insurance company should pay to have the dirt cleaned out of your HVAC system, regardless of whether it is mold or just dirt.

Make sure to use a licensed HVAC duct cleaner like Mr. Duct Cleaner.  We are NADCA certified and specialize in cleaning HVAC systems and ducts. This will ensure that any mold spores that have been kicked up and sucked into your system get cleaned.  We also recommend having an antimicrobial mold deterring fog applied to your coils.  This helps prevent future growth.

What is the best step to ensuring long term that mold spores, covid, and other viruses are cleaned from your home? Invest in indoor air quality.  Have Mr. Duct Cleaner install the Aerus Air Scrubber.   This is the same technology that was used by NASA to keep the indoor air clean at the space station.

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