Mold likes hot HVAC systems

If it is growing here, where else is it

Did you know that turning off your air conditioning unit when it is hot outside increases your chances of mold growth throughout your HVAC system?  September is Mold Awareness month and Mr. Duct Cleaner wants you to learn about mold and how it might grow in your AC unit.

Some people think they can save money by turning off their air conditioning unit when they are not occupying their home.  Mr. Duct Cleaner knows this is NOT good for your system.   Not only does it take a lot of energy to get your house cool once you return home, but it also creates a moist, hot, wet condition that facilitates mold growth!

Mold can grow inside your HVAC unit on the coils, the blower fan, the plenum, the drain pan and spread through the ducts.  The mold spores can then be distributed through your air and infiltrate your whole home.  The mold can also spread to the drywall in your HVAC closet, on the insulation in your attic and the drywall surrounding your vents.

Mr. Duct Cleaner does not clean insulation or drywall.  We do professionally clean supply ducts, return ducts, coils, plenums, blower fans- basically the entire HVAC system.  Once cleaned we can fog your home with an antimicrobial fog.  We can also apply a sealant that helps prevent mold growth from occurring in the boot of your vents.  Over 60% of the jobs we perform are mold related.  We are the trusted mold removal experts.

Stop turning off your HVAC system.  If you do wish to save money, perhaps raising the temp by about 5 degrees when you leave is a better option than turning off your whole system.  Do not cover or block vents, air needs to go somewhere other than hanging out stuck in a supply duct.   Whenever the air gets cool enough outside, open those windows and let the outside air in!  Mold likes stagnant, warm, moist air.

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