Mr. Duct Cleaner is amazed in the movies when someone crawls through the ducts to get away from the bad guy or get to the treasure that the person emerges dust and dirt free!  The vent pops open and no dirt falls to the floor.  The surface is gleaming and shiny as they make their way through.  They can breathe easily because amazingly there are no dirt or dust particles in the vents.  That MUST mean that Mr. Duct Cleaner just finished professionally cleaning the duct and HVAC system!

You can have “movie clean” ducts too.  Mr. Duct Cleaner provides before and after pictures so you can see the results.   Our trained technicians use professional equipment designed specifically to clean HVAC and duct systems.  We cover your possessions with plastic (dirt particles typically fall when you detach the vents and registers) and all our team members wear shoe covers. Resolve to call Mr. Duct Cleaner and schedule your free in-home estimate.

As 2022 closes and we begin the year 2023, Mr. Duct Cleaner wishes you and yours a happy new year.  May all your resolutions and goals be fulfilled.  And if you want those clean ducts so you can crawl through them, contact us.  (just kidding, do NOT try to crawl through your clean system, no matter how tempting it looks)