Mold likes to grow in HVAC systems. Whether your system is on heat or on cool. Mr. Duct Cleaner understands this well.  We have had firsthand experience with mold in ducts and inside HVAC units.  Over 60% of the cleaning jobs performed involve some type of mold. Some people are not affected by mold in a home or commercial property.  Others are so sensitive that mold in the system has an unhealthy effect on their health.

Our founder, Les Clow, has a high sensitivity to mold. He has had over 5 sinus surgeries attempting to alleviate the problem. There is a silver lining to his allergy to mold. Because he knows the detrimental effects mold can have on sensitive people, Mr. Duct Cleaner is aware of the tendency for mold to grow in HVAC systems and has perfected the clean up process.

He knows that someone with high sensitivity to mold should have their HVAC system and ducts cleaned every 2 years and should have an Aerus Air Scrubber installed on each HVAC unit.  The Aerus Air scrubber activates every time you turn on your HVAC system, no matter if it is on heat or on cool.  Air pushes through the patented honeycomb and hydrogen peroxide ions are created and distributed throughout your home. We call these “purification warriors”.  These warriors attach to mold spores and viruses (including COVID 19).  Once attached, they deactivate the spores, and they fall to the floor as harmless dirt.

If someone in your home or at your work is displaying the signs of mold allergy or has been diagnosed as sensitive, Mr. Duct Cleaner recommends you call us for a FREE estimate on cleaning your ducts, HVAC system and on installing an Aerus Air Scrubber.