Who is the Ideal Mr. Duct Cleaner Franchisee?

You do not need to be handy to be a successful Mr. Duct Cleaner franchise owner. The job description does not entail knowing about household repairs, turning wrenches or household construction. We expect owners of our franchises to be personable, be able to follow our processes and follow up on the leads we send you. We want people who are smart and ambitious. We will help you with the rest. Our goal is to get you working on your business, not in it.

One of our successful franchisees is a schoolteacher who opted during Covid to take control of her work life balance. She had no business knowledge or experience. She is very methodical and list oriented and she followed the steps we gave her to success. She is customer friendly and has adapted to her networking and estimating duties.

Gender type does not matter for Mr. Duct Cleaner. We are looking for someone willing to learn the process, put the energy in and become part of our successful team. If awarded a franchise, it is our goal for you to make a decent living and balance your life. Go to your kids’ games, pick them up from school, attend your loved one’s events, attend to your personal needs, take care of the customer, lead your team and make a profit.

Think you would make a great franchise candidate for Mr. Duct Cleaner? Check out our franchising page and request more info.