Be careful of the duct cleaning scammers on social media sites. Duct cleaning scams are nothing new. We’ve all seen those flyers that appear in the mailbox for air duct cleaning deals that seem too good, like $90 whole-house specials. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!  For someone to clean the average Duct and HVAC system thoroughly it should take two trained technicians, driving out to your home in a good vehicle, using professional equipment at least four hours.  Can a company pay their trained personnel well on just $90 to cover all?  No.  They make up the difference by upselling and stretching the scope of work to balloon the cost of the overall job.

According to NADCA,  posts targeting homeowners on social media neighborhood groups are on the rise. In fact, it seems we see multiple posts for super-cheap air duct cleaning on various social media sites every single day. The content of these posts is almost identical, and often touts things like a ‘special discount’ for the first few people who comment or one price for unlimited vents and ducts. If you look closely, you’ll notice that unrelated posts often use the exact same assortment of images and videos. The company name is almost never included in the post, and those who show interest are sent private messages through the app. Also, they’re often posted from accounts that are made to look like genuine residents of the communities the groups are made for.

The scams have gotten more and more sophisticated over time, and the posts can truly appear legit.  You can avoid the scams by using a professional, NADCA certified duct cleaner = Mr. Duct Cleaner.

Cheap, Good, and Fast. Mr. Duct Cleaner knows that you can only have two of the three.  We are Good (Professional) and Fast (Efficient).  We provide you with before and after pictures and give you a FREE estimate detailing what we plan on doing (the scope).  There are some situations that we cannot predict that impact your final price, however, we will confer with you regarding these before we do the work so there is agreement.  Example- We start to clean a duct and realize it is full of mold, in this situation it might be better to replace the whole duct rather than clean it.

Skip the scammers.  Contact us for your FREE estimate.