Dirt Spots Might Be Mold

Dirt on vent could be mold

Is that a roach? No, just mold!

Those specs of dirt on your registers might be mold! They are a sign there might be something growing in your HVAC system. Dirt may make you uncomfortable however for some, mold can make you sick.

Mold is like a roach.  When you see one roach you know there are most likely a bunch hiding behind it.  When you see one mold spec most likely there are more hiding in places you cannot see.  Your air ducts and HVAC unit are prime candidates for mold growth.

Mold likes moisture, warmth, and darkness.  Your HVAC unit accumulates moisture. It is a natural source for mold growth.  If you have had a water event, a remodel, a roof repair, a plumbing issue, the chances of the dirt being mold are significantly increased.

Mr. Duct Cleaner is experienced at professionally cleaning dirt and mold from your air ducts and HVAC systems.   Over 40% of the jobs we perform have involved some type of mold clean up.

In some cases, it is better to simply replace the air duct rather than clean out the mold.  How can you tell?  Have us clean your unit and air ducts.  During the process, we can evaluate if the air duct can be mold or effectively cleaned of the mold or whether a total replacement is needed.  Once approved by you, our technicians can perform the replacement.

If you see specs on your registers, cleaning off only the dirt on the outside most likely will not fix the root of the problem. Do not be Reactive, be Proactive.  Contact Mr. Duct Cleaner and get a FREE estimate for cleaning your air ducts and your entire HVAC system.  The longer mold is allowed to stay in your home, the harder it will be to eradicate.