Time to clean the commercial HVAC

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Are you getting black dust particles on your work papers sitting on the desk in the office? Are people in your office reacting to allergens in the air?  It may be time to check your HVAC system.  When was the last time your office had the ducts and HVAC units cleaned?  Pre – covid?

Mr. Duct Cleaner is experienced at cleaning commercial HVAC systems.  Our franchisees are expertly trained and capable of handling most commercial jobs with support from Team Headquarters.

As we get back to working together in on site offices, it becomes important to pay attention to the indoor air quality of the office.  Commercial air ducts handle more people than the typical residential duct.   Supply and return ducts are consistently deluged with air borne pathogens, allergens, skin particles, fungus, and mold spores. Dirty air gets sucked in through the return duct and goes into the HVAC unit.  Filters catch a little bit of the dirt, the big stuff. Until they clog, then you change it and knock about some more dirt and dust that falls back into the system.  The particles that make it past the filter go through the commercial HVAC system, out through your supply ducts and back into the air you breathe.

An investment in cleaning your HVAC system and improving your indoor air quality is an investment in your employees and customer’s health. Keeping your employees healthy translates to less sick days and better morale.  Mr. Duct Cleaner recommends that most commercial systems be cleaned every 3-4 years depending upon the maintenance regimen and the demand on the HVAC system.

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