If you own a 4,000-square-foot home and a duct cleaning service comes in with a van and 2-3 people and finishes the job in 2 hours, demanding payment for more than they quoted, you have been bamboozled. You most likely have more than 20 supply vents, 2 return vents, and at least 2 HVAC units.   Two hours is not enough time to cover the property with plastic, take off each vent and clean it, use professional equipment to clean every duct all the way inside, and thoroughly clean each HVAC unit.

Recently Mr. Duct Cleaner got a call from a competitor, Company Diablo (name has been changed to protect the guilty).  They inquired about purchasing a Mr. Duct Cleaner franchise.   They were honest at this point and said they were just trying to figure out how to get more “quality” leads.  They were wondering why Mr. Duct Cleaner is getting so much work at a higher price.

I explained that Mr. Duct Cleaner does a thorough, professional job that follows NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) guidelines and we do the work that is promised, at the price we quoted (no bait and switch) and we protect the customer’s property. This integrity and professionalism are worth the higher price.  You don’t want a cheap doctor; you want a good one.  Your home deserves the best care and Mr. Duct Cleaner is it.

They asked if they were required to become a NADCA member if they bought a franchise. YES, I answered.  You must follow the processes and standards that are set explained and trained during the process of certification.  All Mr. Duct Cleaner franchisees get NADCA certified and are trained in the processes that result in a clean HVAC and duct system.  It is not our intention to be the cheapest.  It is our intention to be the best value.

Company Diablo will not be awarded a Mr. Duct Cleaner Franchise.  They do not have integrity and high enough standards to join our team.  The Mr. Duct Cleaner reputation is earned by the dedication of our teams to provide better indoor air quality at a fair price.

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