Getting your duct and HVAC system cleaned is a great start to improving indoor air quality.  The next step is to have them “mopped”.   No, Mr. Duct Cleaner does not shove a mop up into the air ducts.  We do, however, have the ability to use professional equipment to fog your freshly cleaned HVAC and duct system.  The antimicrobial fog penetrates your entire system and kills any lingering contaminants.

The fog is safe for humans and pets.  If you have a lingering smell you would like to take care of, we can also include an Ozone factor to the fog.   OK, it is not EXACTLY mopping your ducts, but you get the point.

When used in conjunction with a deep professional clean from our NADCA-certified team, fogging is a great way to make sure all the dirt and bad actors are gone from your air handling HVAC and duct system.

Want to guarantee continuous cleaning after the fogging?  Have Mr. Duct Cleaner install an Aerus Air Scrubber.  The Aerus Air Scrubber was developed using the same technology developed for the NASA space station.   Every time your unit runs, hydrogen peroxide ions (purification warriors) are emitted through your HVAC system and pushed into the air.  These warriors attach themselves to contaminants (including Covid 19 and all the variants) and they deactivate and fall to the floor, ineffective and harmless.

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