Odor neutralizers, or odor eliminators, work by deactivating odors. Products that cover odors are also called air fresheners and work well with temporary odors like bathroom odor or kitty litter boxes that can be quickly removed and aired out. Odor neutralizers go deeper to expel odors that don’t go away so easily.

Part of Mr. Duct Cleaner’s air cleaning services, for homes and businesses, includes neutralizing unpleasant odors. This can bring real relief to building occupants trying to cope with poor air quality, stale air, and odors.

Odor neutralizers use chemicals or compounds that attack the odor-causing compounds. Stubborn, well-established smells like smoke or pet urine can take time to neutralize, so many neutralizers include a light scent to address any lingering smell.

Humid environments are tough places to get rid of pungent odors. Obviously, air conditioning takes care of this in warm weather. But what if the air ducts or air conditioner is the source for odor?

If there is no switch, water can eventually leak into a ceiling or down the side of the building.

We carry switches that fit any air conditioner brand.

Odors Often Indicate Air Quality Problems

Mr. Duct Cleaner can help! We use ClenAir that quickly removes foul odors. It was developed to use on particularly tough odors, including those from central air conditioning air ducts, inside sewage treatment facilities, and in buildings being rehabbed after floods or fires.

Because a good unit circulates air throughout a home or office several times a day, it’s possible that odor from one isolated source can take hold throughout a home. So after we address the problem that caused the odor by inspecting and if necessary, cleaning your air ducts and air conditioner, we place odor neutralizers in the ducts and behind the air conditioner filters.

These products last for up to two months to neutralize lingering odors from tobacco smoke, pets, trash, and plain old stale air.

ClenAir comes in bricks and tubs filled with odor-neutralizing gels, which we recommend for spaces where odors originate and may be more firmly entrenched. They are available odorless, which actually leaves the house with a fresh smell.

Installing an overflow switch will take out a lot of the guesswork of knowing when there’s too much water coming from your unit. The switch trips the power off when the water level in the drip pan gets too high. You won’t be able to turn it back on until you reset the switch, which means viewing the drip pan to see if there’s a clog or some other problem that’s preventing normal drainage. It gives you an early warning that your air conditioner needs attention before there’s a flood.

Overflow switches free you from wondering if you should call for service each time the unit goes out. We think that’s an expensive way to live. A switch costs about the same amount as a normal service call.

We also think it’s a good idea for homeowners to understand how their air conditioner works. When we install an overflow switch, we will show you how it works, how to reset it, and explain how to know when it’s telling you that there is a problem that needs to be serviced by a professional.

Removing Odors Can Boost Personal Health

You don’t need to review scientific research to know that odors can make you feel sick. Many people will develop headaches and dizziness from smoke or chemical odors. Others with existing breathing problems will find that certain smells will aggravate their conditions.

We advise everyone to investigate any unusual odor they find around their homes or businesses. For example, natural gas leaks won’t produce an odor on its own, so providers add a chemical that releases a strong, bad-egg smell in the event of a leak.

Some odors may arise from poorly designed building infrastructure. Plumbing vents that are too close to windows or air conditioning registers can release odors into the air circulation system. The permanent solution would be to add vent pipe filters, increase the height for the air exchange, or install additional exhaust fans.

In these instances, the drip tray and a secondary drain are located there as well. If the tray overflows, the water has only one place to go: into your ceiling below. An overflow switch can be a huge, and inexpensive, way to prevent this from happening.

Luckily, overflow switches don’t care where your unit is located or how many drains it has. They will work regardless. At Mr. Duct Cleaner, we install switches on a daily basis, saving many homeowners the headache of dealing with water dripping through the ceiling sheetrock.

Why Are We So Sensitive to Indoor Air Smell?

As we discuss on our page about the air cleaning products we install, a smell can alert us to a problem in a building with sewage, plumbing or a gas leaks.

Because many smells are associated with danger, it’s not surprising to learn that this sense developed in most mammals as a protective instinct. For humans, the sense of smell may be most closely associated with memory, according to the website Fifth Sense, which is why some smells can trigger some powerful memories.

Trust your instincts. Don’t ignore an unpleasant or unusual odor that suddenly surfaces in your home or business. Call Mr. Duct Cleaner and we’ll investigate and identify the source, recommend the best way to remove it, and begin addressing the problem right away.