You could enjoy a number of benefits by using an electrostatic filter with your air conditioner. Electrostatic filters are reusable (which makes them green!) air conditioner filters designed to generate positive and negative static charges within the layers inside them when air passes through. Layers with positive charges attract airborne particles like dust, fungi, and mold, which are then trapped in negatively charged filter layers. This prevents unhealthy particles from recirculating around the home or office when you’re running the air conditioner. It also helps protect the unit from becoming clogged with dust, dirt, and particles. Clean units cool more quickly and consume less power. Mr. Duct Cleaner sells and installs AirQC permanent electrostatic filters, which remove as much as 95% of airborne particles from circulation, and have been shown to reduce many indoor air pollutants. Best of all, AirQC is manufactured right here in Texas!

Reusable, Easy to Clean Air Conditioner Filters

AirQC filters can be taken out and cleaned by spraying with a water hose or vegetable sprayer, and used over and over again. We then recommend leaving them outside to air-dry before being re-installed.

Electrostatic Filters Catch More Indoor Pollutants

Electrostatic filters are used in central air conditioning to prevent airborne particles from spreading mold, dust mites, bacteria, and other pollutants around a building when the air conditioning is turned on. It will catch very small particles and prevent the spread of allergens caused by:

  • Mold
  • Bacteria
  • Dust mites
  • Animal hair and dander
  • Pollen and plant spores
  • Lint
  • Aerosol sprays
  • Smoke

Don’t allow advertisements for very high MERV filters influence you too much. Filters with the highest numbers (they are measured between 1 and 20) are extremely tight and may actually reduce airflow. In extreme cases, higher MERV products (which stands for minimum efficiency reporting value) can actually cause an air conditioner’s condensing coil to freeze. Ironically, so will a dirty filter. Remember, too, that any filter only works when the system is on and clean air can easily pass through it. We recommend that you regularly inspect your air ducts. If they are dirty, take advantage of our coupons for professional air duct cleaning services.

Superior Filters Save Money, Reduce Electricity Use, Extend Air Conditioner Life

Because these filters do a superior job helping air conditioners operate more efficiently, they can save up to 15% on electric bills, according to the home improvement website networx.com.  Combined with clean air ducts, filters can contribute to a longer life cycle for your air conditioner. Electrostatic filters do have higher MERV numbers than disposable pleated filters, which are, in fact, a lot better than disposable fiberglass filters for trapping pollutants and allergens. If you’ve used disposable pleated filters, switching to an electrostatic one might leave you pleasantly surprised by the savings.

Are Electrostatic Filters Really Necessary?

Many people benefit when electrostatic filters are installed in their home or place of work because they substantially improve indoor air quality. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists indoor air pollution among the top five environmental health risks. These filters remove more indoor air pollutants, including smaller particles and airborne allergens, than standard filters. This provides real relief for people with allergies and/or breathing problems like bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD). Studies show that clean indoor air improves quality of life and productivity. Electrostatic filters are an excellent choice for buildings that need to shut out the great outdoors during extreme temperatures. Many office buildings are already sealed against outdoor air. But no one really wants to throw open their windows when it’s hot and humid outside. Air conditioning is an absolute necessity here during the summer. With all these people staying indoors, it makes sense to use the best filter for the job.

Summary of the Benefits From Electrostatic Filters

Here’s what we like best about the electrostatic filter option:

  • You can clean it as often as needed.
  • The brand we sell has a lifetime guarantee.
  • They are good for the environment:
    • They are reusable and reduce waste and landfill size.
    • They reduce electricity use.
    • They are one less reason to drive to a big-box store to buy replacement filters.
  • You don’t have to worry that your supplier will run out of your replacement filter size or suddenly raise the price.